10 Things to Learn ASAP

  1. Learn to love your talents and abilities and not wish you had others
  2. Learn to listen before you speak and listen slowly with intention
  3. Learn to say "No" so you can wholeheartedly say "Yes"
  4. Learn to do everything you agree to do
  5. Learn to be happy for others when they do well, wish them the best
  6. Learn good questions to ask and which you should figure out on your own
  7. Learn to teach others something that will help them
  8. Learn to lean into your fears
  9. Learn to celebrate with those are happy and be sad with those who are sad
  10. Learn to love the amazing creation you are without being the center of the universe.
  11. If you have trouble with any of 1-10... there is hope, call us at the number below!